Features / Managing Customers and Resellers
Customer & Reseller Management Module

We provide an industry leading Reseller Automation platform that allows you and your Resellers to manage your Customer/Reseller accounts through the Control Panels. You and your Resellers can -

  • List/Search for sets of Customers/Resellers - You and your Resellers have the ability to list all Customers/Resellers or search for them using various fields such as location, volume of business etc
  • Add/Modify/Delete/Suspend Customer/Reseller accounts - You and your Resellers have comprehensive interfaces from where you can add Sub-Resellers / Customers, or modify/delete their accounts, or change/send them passwords and much more
  • Manage Sub-Reseller/Customer funds - You and your Resellers can add funds to Customers/Resellers accounts when they send you payments. These funds can be utilized by them to purchase various Products and services. OrderBox manages all advance accounts, recording of payments and corresponding debits for any purchases.
  • Automatically send email to your Customers/Resellers for various scenarios - OrderBox automatically sends branded emails to your Customers/Resellers in various scenarios such as Signup, Renewal Reminders, Payment Reminders, Placing Orders, Successful execution of Orders, Receiving Payments, Creation of Invoices, Deletion of Orders. You can turn off some of these emails if you wish. You can specify the From email address, name and signature that OrderBox uses to send out these mails on a per department basis.
  • Send special offers and announcement emails to your clients - You and your Resellers can search for a set of Sub-Resellers or Customers and send them an email from the Control Panels. For eg a special promotional offer for all your Customers in Canada etc
  • Associate an Account Manager with your Customer and Reseller accounts - You can allocate Account Managers for your Customers and Resellers through the Control Panels or during signup. In the backend a relationship is created between the corresponding Account Manager and your Customer/Reseller which can be used to send custom emails, track sales targets and maintain sales relationships