Features / API

The API is a full-control set of programming interfaces that allow you and your Resellers to develop your own Website and Control Panels and integrate them into our system.

The API is -

  • Comprehensive - Every function of our system is exposed via the API. You can duplicate any or all of the functionality at your end by integrating into the API
  • Easy to use - The ability to use your preferred programming language coupled with our comprehensive documentation makes integrating our API a breeze.
  • HTTP Based - Robust and Secure, the HTTP API provides a simple way to integrate the functionality of our Resellers platform with your Storefront, Control Panel and Application.
  • Demo Environment - Catch bugs and test changes on our demo severs to provide a seamless user experience.
  • Secure & Scalable - Monitoring systems prevent API abuse and any Denial of Service attacks on the API servers. The API is scalable and secure